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I'm born in 1 976, Luxembourgish, and I started my career with scientifical studies resulting in a physics Phd.

My curiosity and my desire of evolving, evolving, with in particular an inner work on myself aled me to expand my horizons, to go beyond the so called classical science, to discover other realities . . .

This path and this inner exploration permitted me to express more and more my creativity, particularily through the creation of Mandalas.  Mandalas have always fascinated me. These circular patterns converging towards a centre, based on ancient traditions, are used across cultures (the Mandalas of the tibetan buddhists, the rosettes of gothic cathedrals, the native american medicine wheels, . . . ), are found in nature (snow cristals, starfishs, flowers, . . . ) and are used by lot of therapists within art-therapy.



I am also a freelance Webdesigner (Website Creator), an activity that allows me to combine my technical skills with my creativity and to contribute to other people's projects. More infos on my website:
In 2011, I created , a network for sharing alternate informations in Luxembourg and Greater Region.


My motto : "Make your Life a Work-Art; Be the Work-Art"crea 20121010 200



My creations:

My creations are based on ancestral and universal forms, that  I combine (with the help of digital tools that I develop myself) with physical phenomena, resulting in powerfull shapes.  
In my creations can be found elements of sacred geometry, resonance patterns, as well as the influence of traditionnal Mandalas, these circular patterns converging towards a centre and representing the visible world outside us and the invisible world in our deepest inner being.
In my creations, the central point plays an essential role. It represents both the idea of being centered and the idea of being in the here and now (l"'Instant Présent", the present moment).
This results in balancing shapes, contributing to well-being and recentring.



By buying my creations, you support a self-employed luxembourgish artist.


Mam Kaaf vu mengen Kreatiounen ënnerstëtzt Dir eng selbstänneg Lëtzebuerger Kreatrice.

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