Dot Mandala stones

Dot Mandala stone case

also as gift box

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Dot Mandala Stone, hollow, in two screwable parts avec

to be used as a gift box ( place a jewel, a stone, a praline, a message, ... inside) or as a box to keep a small object that is dear to you

The optional accessories package includes:

  • a disc to hold the tealight candle
  • a tealight candle
  • 3 cardboard discs ( to be perfumes with a few drops of essential oils or perfume. Essential oil or perfume are not included). Place a cardboard disc in the lower part of the stone case, above it the disc and above the tealight.
  • a mini paper roll on which you can write a personnal message

upcycling ip 400
This object is hand crafted in Luxembourg and made with a special mix based on newsprint paper (+sand and gypsum) => upcycling

Outer diameter of the stone: 9.5cm, inner diameter: 6.5cm, height of both parts together: 5.5cm, weight: 180g

Be carefull to screw them only slightly. They do not close hemetic and are not watertight


Mandalas are circular patterns that have been used since millenia in numerous traditions. The word Mandala means at the same time center and circle : it represents our inner world and the universe, the microcosmos and the macrocosmos, the world and the being.

The Mandala can be used :

  • as a support for meditation and contemplation,
  • to help relaxing and reducing stress,
  • to harmonise a place,
  • or simply to decorate a room.

Let operate the Mandala on you and discover its power !


Handmade in Luxembourg.

By buying these products you support and encourage an independent designer.

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Since this object is made in an artisanal way it may present slight irregularities. These irregularities are not a defect, but the mark of a manual realization without an industrial manufactoring process.

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