Why pay for a website when there are free or very cheap solutions available?

True, free or very cheap solutions are available to create your website. Those are possibly suitable for personal use, but they also have serious shortcomings: limited design, adding options is often costly, you don’t own the website (the hosting company that designs the website remains the owner).

Often, a person starts off with a free solution and gradually adds numerous options and customizations – which are paid for both in cash and in time. The result is rarely satisfactory, and in the end, the person turns to a professional web designer to make a new site from scratch. It is ultimately your choice: I offer websites that can grow with your business.


What about websites sold at a heavy discount?

I recommend caution when shopping for websites and associated services. Frequenly, discount hosting does not allow you to update the content easily. You may have to call on a web developer to implement the changes, which will be costly and will introduce unnecessary delays. Watch out for caps on the number of pages in such discount offers. What is the cost of additional pages and the cost of customizations?

I create websites with an intuitive user interface, allowing you easy access to the content (If you prefer to outsource the content management to me, that is an additional service that I can manage).

My price quotes are straightforward and have no hidden costs.


I would like to own a website. How should I go about it? What are the steps?

- contact me to talk about the project

- I make a free quote without obligation from your part

- Upon acceptance, we meet to iron out the details of the website (choose a design, precise content…) and to exchange documentation. If you prefer, this meeting can also take place over the phone or via Skype.

- Once the website is nearly complete, you have the possibility to review the work and to suggest modifications and additions.

- That’s it, the website is online!


I operate far from your location. Can you still create my website?

Yes, without a problem. The creation of a website does not necessarily involve a physical meeting of both interested parties. Communication can happen over the phone or via Skype or e-mail.